Hey, What's up?!

My name is Neerthigan and welcome to my site. I am a web application developer who is interested in discovering, implementing and testing my newly acquired knowledge to write simple and effective code.

recent works

  • PSD to HTML

    Converted PSD template to HTML. The HTML is a one page website that is responsive. Tool employed was Adobe Assets, to determine measurement from the template.

  • Collabo

    A web application utilizing Github API to search and discover, colllaborators for your next project. Or discover new projects based on your interest.

  • FollowUp

    Allow users to track project documents submitted to their Gmail. FollowUp uses Gmail API to retrieve users information, along with Firebase and React to store and interactive with data.

about me

The Story

I love to learn and apply new concepts in web technologies. I am a firm believer in putting to use, newly acquired knowledge.

My projects are built using the following web stack: ReactJs, JavaScript, HTML and CSS. But, I enjoy exploring other programming languages and paradigms. I am currently learning back-end technology and functional programming.

When I am not in front of the computer, you can catch playing basketball or doing calisthenic. I also like to read, a lot! Some recent favorites include: Essential Zen Habits and The Scorpion Game.

For it was not so much that by means of words I came to a complete understanding of things, as that from things I somehow had an experience which enabled me to follow the meaning of words. — Plutarch

skills & tools

get in touch

Email: hello@nertsiva.com